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Europe PTW 2016-10-05

OK boys and girls, it's finally here...

There are some changes on rules; I told them at readme file. Briefly, there aren't rubber, dyes, silk, ivory and gems. There are wool and tobacco. There are 11 civilisations available. Of course you can add your favourite civilisation, but I don't know where you'll put Aztecs on this map.

I'm thinking of an Ottoman scenario on this map. If you're interested, let's talk about it. (OK, I know, it's wrong forum.)

Thanks to you (yes you!) for your support and suggestions while I was making the map and especially thanks to mrtn for wool and tobacco graphics.

Resource graph is here also. Put it in your "Art" folder. Take a copy of your old one before! (I know, I forgot it. And I know, it's not wool; it's cloth. What was I thinking? I don't know. Am I being dotty? Maybe...)
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