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Europe Small - Squeezed Russia 2016-10-05

In my opinion, the Europe maps have one problem in common: Russia is way too big.

The goals of the map:
-To use all the new european Warlords leaders
-Realistically placed resources
-To give all civs roughly equal space

To this end, bulgaria and albania (sorry shqype!) were cut out and the black sea moved north, squeezing russia and ukraine to approximately half, and also the celts were placed in lithuania (one of the last pagan peoples in europe) to fill out that empty space between germany and russia.

Resources are placed mostly according to modern production (meaning that ukraine, while small, is very resource-rich). Bananas represent citrus and date plantations. Oil is in the north sea, Algeria, Jordan (from Arabia), Turkey and Ukraine (from Caucasus) and Romania.
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