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Eusebius Live Animals 2016-10-05

Eusebius Live Animals

  1. Eusebius
    DISCUSSION THREAD: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=4566566

    What the Mod Does…

    It starts to implement an ecology model where animal bonuses (deer, fur, horse, sheep, etc.) walk around, breed and are hunted. One of the things I like is that cities tend to experience a ‘boom’ when they get hunting and then a ‘bust’ when all the animals are gone. This seems rather realistic to me and begins to have the kind of feel I am looking for.

    This is a mod component, not a full mod. I have developed it as an experiment. I make no claims about game balance. In fact I am hoping to hear from people who play around with it! Please post your experiences.
    This component will form a major part of an upcoming pre-history mod I am working on which will integrate pre-history into ordinary Civ IV Warlords games.

    Thanks for your feedback,
    Sep 24, 2006