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Events with Images: Source Code 2016-10-05

Events with Images: Source Code

  1. renegadechicken
    Here's the README:

    ======Events With Images: Source Code======
    Version: 1.0
    Creator: EmperorFool (thanks go to him!)
    Uploader: Renegadechicken (complaints go to him!)

    1. Description
    2. Installation / Removal
    3. How to Use
    4. Known Bugs / Compatibility
    5. Usage
    6. Contact
    7. Credits


    This small "mod" allows modders to add images (.dds files, specifically) to the
    event popup window. Thanks to this mod, once installed the only changes modders
    have to make are in the XML!
    This particular release is specifically for modders to easily incorporate the code
    into their own mod or modcomp.


    **If you decide to change the core game files (such as the original BTS, Warlords,
    or "Vanilla" CvGameCoreDLL.dll), always make sure to back up your originals!**

    1. If you're not sure what to do with this source code, you shouldn't have downloaded it!

    1. Again, don't "install" this mod if you're not sure how to remove the changes!

    3. HOW TO USE

    To find the changed code in the three Altered DLL files, search for "EmperorFool". All
    changes are noted with the following convention:
    // Begin EmperorFool: Events with Images
    // End EmperorFool: Events with Images

    This mod adds a new Tag, <EventArt/>, to the EventTriggerInfos.xml file using the
    included CIV4EventSchema.xml file. To use this tag, however, you will have to add it to
    your EventTriggerInfos.xml file or your mod will be unable to parse that file (in other
    words, it won't work). The form of this tag is as follows (though doesn't require this
    many folders!):
    <EventArt>Folder\Mod Folder\Location of Art\image.dds</EventArt>

    The included TEMPLATE.txt file shows where this tag should be placed. Add the new tag as
    shown, and your events will have the ability to display images! Enjoy!


    None as of this release.

    Note, however, that this mod has ONLY been tested on Civ4 BTS version 3.17!

    5. USAGE

    You are free to use/modify this code in any mod you create freely, however, please give proper
    credit to EmperorFool, the coder of this mod. NEVER re-release this code as your own
    work, as it is not.

    6. CONTACT

    If you have any questions, problems, comments, suggestions, or complaints, feel free to send
    me a PM on CivFanatics.com; my screenname is "Renegadechicken".

    7. CREDITS

    EmperorFool - Coding, helping me figure out what to do with those codes, and incredible patience
    Willem - Idea for having Images on the Event Popups
    Renegadechicken - Putting code in place, uploading

    NOTE: To zip this file, I used a free program called PeaZip; let me know if you can't
    unzip the file and what program you tried unzipping it with!

    Link to thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=314164


    1. civ4screenshot0002_s59.jpg