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Evolution 2016-10-05


  1. ripple01
    Evolution is a modding platform designed to give modders maximum potential and capabilities. The core of Evolution is a merge between 2 great Civ4 mods, RevolutionDCM and K-Mod: Far Beyond the Sword. I hope to develop it to include other modcomps/modder tools while maintaining the ability for additions to be switched on or off.

    For a first release, I feel that Evolution is in a pretty good spot. There are a few bugs to be ironed out with regards to Revolutions (see my post in the SDK/Python forum), and I can't guarantee that all of the BUG options are functional. I have also not extensively tested the DCM options. However, based on my limited testing, the game should be playable by and large. I'm hoping that by releasing this to a wider audience, the community at large can assist me in fixing the few remaining bugs.

    Evolution forum thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=470980

    Evolution changelog

    Public Beta 11 (released 8/6/13)

    Added Culturally Linked Starts 1.1.3 by Jean Elcard
    Added back most of AD 2.3 code (internal change)
    Added Platy Foriegn Advisor
    Added glider1's Ranged Bombard fixes from RevDCM 3.0
    Changed Advanced Diplomacy tech buttons to show only if AD option selected
    Cloned UnitUpgradePriceModifier tag from Buildings to Civics
    Updated Platy World Builder to 2.0.0
    Updated K-Mod to 1.41

    Public Beta 10 (released 5/24/13)

    Fixed bug in CvTeam: processTech

    Public Beta 9 (released 5/23/13)

    Updated Advanced Diplomacy to 2.31 (fixes crash when loading saved game)

    Public Beta 8 (released 5/9/13)

    Added Platy World Builder by platyping
    Added Advanced Cargo 1.1 by Thomas_SG, stolenrays
    Added 3 new promotions increasing Accuracy for DCM Ranged Bombardment, old Accuracy promotion has been renamed Salvo
    Fixed the BarbarianCiv and Revolution Python bugs (thanks, glider1!)
    Fixed AIAutoplay bug where it would stop during Revolutions (code borrowed from Tholal's More Naval AI FFH2 modmod)
    Updated K-Mod to 1.40
    Updated Advanced Diplomacy to 2.3

    Public Beta 7 (released 4/13/13)

    Fixed mispellings of "siege" in RevDCM Text Files
    Fixed Diplomacy tab in Options screen
    Fixed "Concepts" Pedia screen; BtS Concepts now included as intended
    Updated Dale's Combat Mod components to 2.4

    Public Beta 6 (released 12/5/12)

    Updated K-Mod to 1.38
    Added Advanced Diplomacy 2.1 by Afforess, stolenrays

    Public Beta 5 (released 10/22/12)

    Fixed RevDCM text bugs (slave rebellion text, city distance rev civics,)
    Updated K-Mod to 1.37

    Public Beta 4 (released 8/29/12)

    Updated K-Mod to 1.36

    Public Beta 3 (released 8/11/12)

    Fixed Pacifism error with support costs
    Fixed diplo problems with AI cancelling deals

    Public Beta 2 (released 8/3/12)

    Corrected text placement issue with Project Help Tag
    Updated K-Mod to 1.35

    Public Beta 1 (released 7/30/12)

    Merged RevolutionDCM 2.90 and K-Mod 1.34
    Added Project Help Tag by The Lopez
    Added improved Sevopedia screens by Xyth