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Exotic Units Pack V2

Adds some unusual units to the game

  1. Exotic Units Pack (BETA)

    Latest update, with the following merc units added:

    1. Battle Galley, naval ranged
    2. Barque, naval melee
    3. Rabble, low-cost melee
    4. Ghazi, melee
    5. Madyan Archers, ranged
    6. Spartan Hippeis, mounted
    7. Dhow, naval melee
    8. Fire Ship, naval melee
    9. Thalai Thirvai (Fighting Admiral), naval ranged

    All have been tested and worked so far. Haven't yet ran extended LiveTuner to test for stability/utilization.

    The Fire Ship still needs some tweaking. Not happy with its animation and other behaviors.
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