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Exotic Units Pack V2

Adds some unusual units to the game

  1. Exotic Units Pack (BETA)

    New merc units added:

    1. Fighting Admiral - Great admiral with melee attack
    2. Lil' Bombard - big, slow siege unit
    3. Great Bombard - bigger, slow siege unit
    4. Condottieri - melee
    5. Cavalier - mounted melee
    6. Wild Geese - mounted melee, good against cavalry
    7. Corsair - naval melee, privateer capabilities
    8. War Junk - naval ranged
    9. Land Ironclad - melee, first armor unit
    10. Zeppelin - hovering ranged air unit
    11. Gurkha - melee, can cross impassable terrain
    12. Guerrillas - melee, cheap hit and run unit
    13. Flying Circus - fighter
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