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Exotic Units Pack V2

Adds some unusual units to the game

  1. New types of units besides Camels being added

    Added 4 elephant-based units, with a unique promotion each.

    Added 2 buildings that provide elephant strategic resource, needed to build these new units.

    Cleaned up a little of the Civilopedia, but there is still a bit of work to do there.

    Apologies in advance - was rushing this afternoon to get the update posted. I "think" I've tested everything but there may be a few "typos" in the code. Appreciate any feedback at the discussion link. Thanks!
  2. Rounds out the 2 camel units and supporting buildings/resource

    More or less last version of the Camel part of the mod. Adds 2 units, and 3 buildings, as well as the Camel resource.

    Unit, Building, and Resource Help, Strategy, and Civilopedia entries are current, but need a bit of cleaning up for the final version, i.e. adding the font icons, etc.

    Planning to add a group of elephant-based units next.
  3. Correcting several, uh, let's call them typos....

    Next iteration of V1. There will be more....

    Known problems:
    - Camel font icon not appearing
    - Souk al Jamal is still appearing in the "Buildings" section of the Civilopedia instead of the "National Wonders"