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Expanded Civlopedia Entries (Brave New World) 2016-10-05

Expanded Civlopedia Entries (Brave New World)

  1. Tomatekh
    Steam Workshop Link

    This is an update to my Gods and Kings mod which can be found here:



    - This mod only works in English.
    - This mod requires the Brave New World expansion.
    - Due to how mods are loaded, this mod is only useful as an in-game reference; you can’t browse the changes in the game menu.
    - It is not recommended to use this mod if you use many mods which alter the abilities of the base civs. The included text only reflects the default BNW civ abilities.


    This is a mod I originally made for a friend of mine with the aim of making various civlopedia entries more accessible and better explain specific in-game mechanics. Additionally, there is quite a bit of incorrect or outdated information in the civlopedia which the mod corrects.

    UUs and UBs:

    UU and UB entries now have a bulleted list in the strategy section straightforwardly stating how it differs from the unit/building it replaces.


    Improvement entries now state the various yield changes from resources, beliefs, and policies, as well as build requirements and any special abilities if applicable.


    Resource entries now state the various yield changes from buildings and beliefs.


    Promotion entries now state if the promotion is lost when upgrading the unit. (In the next version, I will be adding a promotion tree to state what promotions a promotion leads to).


    Specialist entries now state the specialist yield, great person points, and which buildings provide a specialist slot.

    Traits and Miscellaneous Text:

    Various text entries have been rewritten to better elucidate how an in-game mechanic works. This is probably most notable with several of the UA texts. I've also restored some included text that didn't display in game (such as several of the leader factoids). Finally I corrected misinformation in the civlopedia (such as the Chariot Archer being weak to Spearman when in fact it suffers no penalty).


    Color Code:

    Green is a bonus that carries over with a unit upgrade.
    Plain text is a bonus that does not upgrade.
    Yellow is a bonus that comes from a Civ's UA.
    Red is a negative compared to the standard unit/building.

    Grey indicates the bonus comes from a religious belief (Improvements only).
    Purple indicates the bonus comes from a social policy (Improvements only).
    Blue states information regarding terrain requirements (Improvements only).


    It’s very easy to make mistakes with this kind of mod, particularly the BNW version as I had to compare the in-game files not only to the GK files but my previous mod as well.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you guys can post any errors you see here so I can correct future versions.


    You can post feedback in my new civ thread:


    Other modders, feel free to use this civ in any way you want but please give credit.


    1. bnwuu_fyq.jpg
    2. bnwub_8Uw.jpg
    3. bnwplant_BBi.jpg
    4. bnwl_oAJ.jpg
    5. bnwp_aO7.jpg
    6. bnwui_qbj.jpg
    7. bnws_257.jpg
    8. bnwnw_846.jpg
    9. bnwar_viD.jpg