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Expanded Economy 0.9.6

Warning: This is a very early version of the mod. Expect bugs and unintended behavior. I have done some testing and tried to make sure everything works, but the scope of the mod makes it difficult to make sure absolutely everything works in every case.

This is a large-scale mod project I've been working on for quite a while now. As my special thanks indicate, I have drawn inspiration from quite a few other mods that are kicking around the community, and it's likely this project wouldn't have been possible without all the help. You guys are awesome.

Now, this mod. It's an economic overhaul mod that began with an attempt to move the economy back out onto tiles that are worked by citizens, and to make economic decisions regarding specialists, trade routes, policies, districts, and buildings more meaningful. You can see my stream-of-consciousness style rambling on what I wanted to accomplish with this mod here.

Currently, there's only so much I can do with trade routes and specialists using the modifiers system and xml tables, so I've made fairly minor adjustments there. However, I've done a lot of work on tiles, buildings, districts, and improvements. Here's a brief summary of what the mod has done:

  • Added new improvements, namely the Village, an early-game gold-generating improvement that can generate science, culture, or faith based on nearby districts.
  • Added new districts: the Administrative Precinct, a district focused on diplomacy and espionage, and a food-based district called the Agricultural Complex. Two districts have been removed: the Entertainment Complex and the Neighborhood (the Mbanza is now a unique improvement, the Street Carnival is now a unique theater square, and the Acropolis is a unique replacement for the Administrative Precinct).
  • Lots of new buildings have been added. Many are ways to improve the terrain or add mutually-exclusive specialization to districts.
  • All buildings have been redesigned in some manner. Flat yields have largely been removed and replaced by %-based increases for the primary buildings of districts specialized in a particular yield.
  • Policies have been overhauled, recombined, and re-organized to better suit the new way the game functions.
  • Other miscellaneous game balance changes: for example, a city now requires 1 amenity for every 1 population, starting at 3 population. Population no longer innately provides science or culture, you must work improvements that generate science or culture to do this. Roads have been improved, and tech/civic/Great Person scaling has been adjusted.
  • Diplomacy has been adjusted with bonuses for declaring Friendship with other leaders (you can check the bonus by looking at their agenda description). There have been a variety of other changes to adjust various diplomatic actions and the associated bonuses/penalties.
  • For an extremely detailed list of changes, check this PDF: full list of changes.
This is sort of a pet mod project for me and may not have very much wide appeal. I'm a builder and it really bothered me how the economy was handled in Civ V and Civ VI, with raw pop providing benefits and the economy being moved off of the land and to a more hands-off "you'll get benefits even if you don't do anything" kind of thing. I want more thought and effort to go into managing your nation's economy, with the proper rewards for doing so.

As the mod is in a very early stage of development, all feedback and bug reports are appreciated. I'll be throwing a version of this up on the Steam Workshop shortly.
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Love the concept, I'm a builder-type as well and the tweaks proposed are very interesting. Good work and I can't wait to see what further developments you have planned.
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