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Expedition! 2016-10-05


  1. Pacifist46
    Your supplies are weeks late, and are probably not coming. Your men are exhausted, thirsty and on the brink of mutiny. There seems only one viable path ahead; venture into the heart of the jungle in an attempt to find and capture the legendary lost city of the Maya. Be warned; this is not an expedition to be taken lightly. The Maya know every inch of their Amazon home and roving bands of Mayan soldiers will ambush the weak. So, which of the three initial paths will you take?
    This scenario casts the player as a Spanish Conquistador who has been lured to the New World by tales of riches and treausure. You start with 18 land units on the coast, three Galleons and a worthless island city, representing the supply lines which never arrive, hence the city stays at size 1 for the whole game. The objective is to move your stack into the jungle and explore it in an attempt to find the Mayan city and capture it to win the game. However, it is obviously hard to select the correct route through the jungle, and there are bands of promoted Holkans and Axes which may ambush you as you journey to your goal.
    As always, comments and suggestions are more than welcome.


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