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Extended Diplomacy Ribbon Discontinued

Extends the Diplomacy Ribbon adding tooltips and mouse-key interactions for more efficient diplomacy

  1. Discontinued

    Look for it on Steam Workshop.
  2. Discontinued

    Steam Workshop
  3. Updated to version 1.04 for GS, R&F and Vanilla

    NEW!! in Version 1.04:
    + Added Unique Resource Indicator Icon inside Diplomacy Deal View to signal a Strategic or Luxury Resource that the Human player does not have (the NEW icon from the game UI).
    + Added Diplomatic Favor to the stats in the leader icon tooltips.
    + Added Grievances string whenever the player has grievances from or against the selected leader; the string will only appear, color coded, if there are grievances between player and selected leader.
    + Added...
  4. Version 1.03

    NEW! in Version 1.03:
    + Added Trade Indicator Icon to signal that a civilization has a surplus of Strategic or Luxury Resources that the Human player does not have and can be traded.
    + Added tooltip to Trade Indicator detailing the surplus resources available to trade with the other civilizations.
    + Added Peace Indicator Icon to signal that a civilization at War with the Human player is willing to negotiate peace (cool down timer has expired).
  5. Extended Diplomacy Ribbon updated to v 1.02

    Updated to version 1.02
    + Fixed a small bug with relationship icons
    + Added citizen and city icons to extended tooltip