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Extermination 2016-10-05


  1. CurtSibling

    "You will obey the Daleks or you will be exterminated!"
    For a while I wanted to do something different. Perhaps a science/fantasy scenario to
    escape the lure of WW2 Panzers and Stukas, but could not decide on what exactly...

    Back in 2006, after watching the BBC's new redux of the 'Doctor Who' series, my love for
    the show had been rekindled. I wanted to do some kind of CIV2 scenario in this sci-fi
    setting, featuring the Time Lordand his arch-foes, the xenophobic, homicidal Daleks! :)

    Please note: This scenario is for CIV2 Test of Time.


    * ONLY play as the UNIT faction.

    * Artillery/Missile units should only be moved between Firezones (airbases).

    * New units can be bought if you save up the Command Points. (gold)

    * The battle lasts fifty turns...But you might be dead long before that!

    * Use ATGs and APCs to tackle the Daleks head on!

    * Colonel Bateman is your hero unit...Don't waste him!

    * Best of luck....Humankind is relying on you![/i]


    The Heroic Colonel Bateman (You) and his staff, ready for battle!

    Try not to let any Daleks get into this room!

    Your opponents for the evening...

    Enjoy the struggle to keep your atoms from dispersal!



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