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Extra Pillage 2016-10-05

Extra Pillage

This mod adds several new features to pillaging improvements.

  • Pillaged gold is now modified by the bonus underneath it if the pillaged improvement connected that bonus.
  • Yields from a pillaged improvement are now sent to the nearest friendly city.
  • Pillaged improvements now have a commerce value that is given to the pillaging player.
  • Some pillaged improvements (such as Forts) have a chance of giving a map of some surrounding enemy territory.

Pillaged improvements with a yield amount (excluding Commerce) give the total amount of yield from the tile if the improvement gives any bonus to that yield. For example: a Mine on a grassy hill will give 4 Hammers to the nearest friendly city, but it won't give the 1 Food that the tile happens to produce.

Pillaged yields do not vary, and they are not modified by any other factors like traits and game speed.

Pillaged gold is factored separately from the other commerces. You will always get the pillaged gold amount (if any), but pillaged commerces are randomly selected. If you set a positive value for gold in the PillageCommerces tag in the CIV4ImprovementInfos.xml, you will have a random chance of getting additional gold. I have not included this in the sample mod included in the download.

Improvements that can give research will give research points towards a random tech owned by the pillaged player. If there are no available techs, you will be prompted that there was nothing of value to be pillaged from the tile.

Culture is determined by the friendly city and enemy city closest to the pillaged plot. Example: a Roman unit pillages a Village around Paris. The culture goes back to Ravenna. Paris has a high culture level while Ravenna a very low culture level, so Ravenna will get more than the base culture. If, on the other hand, a French unit pillaged a Village around Ravenna, they'd get less than the base culture.

With these changes, I tried to balance it so that pillaging will be more profitable for the weaker player than the stronger player to avoid a situation where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

<PillageCommerceModifiers> - This increases the total amount of commerce a player could get from an improvement.

<iPillageGoldModifier> - This modifies the amount of pillaged gold. Note: This does not affect potential extra gold

<iPillageCultureModifier> - This modifier helps determine the total amount of culture a city can get from a pillaged tile. The higher the culture level of the receiving city, the less culture the city gets from the improvement.

<iPillageCommercePercent> - Modifies the amount of commerce an improvement can give.
<iAIPillageCommercePercent> - Modifies the amount of commerce an AI civ will get.

<iPillageCommercePercent> - Modifies the amount of commerce an improvement can give.

<iPillageCommercePercent> - Modifies the amount of commerce an improvement can give.

<iPillageCommercePercent> - Modifies the amount of commerce an improvement can give in the current (not based on the STARTING ERA of the game as some values in this file are).

<iPillageMapProb> - probability of getting a map from the improvement. A value of 100 gives 100% chance.
<iPillageMapRange> - range of the revealed map.

<PillageCommerces> - Base amount of commerce given by the improvement.

Possible additions in the future:

Civics that can set change the receiving city from the nearest city to the capital, and a civic that removes the ability to pillage yields/commerces since I would imagine that today, for example, it'd look really bad for a democratic nation to invade someone else, plunder their cities and countryside and cart the spoils back to their homeland.
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