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Fachy's *very* realistic religions mod 2016-10-05

Compatible with v1.52 (hope someone can update it!)

Based on AbbaMouse's Realistic Religions mod, I really didn't like tying everything to temples, so as when a city builds multiple-temples it has multiple effects and more happiness. This mod handles this problem, gives more of a special flavor to each religion, and also grants slightly more advantages to later religions since they cost more for research.

So if you want to see fewer but smarter Jews, more and less war-weary Moslems, less technologically advanced but culture-oriented Hindus and much more, keep reading!

Disclaimer: I don't mean to insult/criticize any religions here. This mod is based on my imagination and knowledge (which happens to be very poor regarding East Asian religions, being an Egyptian). I also added some cute musical alternatives for about 6-7 sounds

As a general rule for the mod: Temples are only effective when existing under their relative religions. Exceptions for that are culture (which makes sense), and Confucian temple (because Confucism is a philosophy, so it can co-exist with any religion). The way I forced Moslems and Jews not to eat pigs and Moslems not to drink wine..etc using their temples caused that; cities with these temples cannot convert back, or they'd be shut down till they re-convert to these religions. Islamic & Jewish temples cause -100 unhappiness, countered by +103 happiness @ that temple's state religion, which makes sense since there has never been a massive converting out of Islam or Judiasm. Also, the Globe Theater has been modified to give +50 happiness instead of no unhappiness, to prevent it from being abused to that temples' thingy.

Becuase there's a bug which gives any city all the traits of the religions existing in it if that civ has has no-state-religion, I had to do something to:
1) Prevent many religions from existing in a city
2) Make life hard for the ones choosing the Free-religion civic

That's why any non-state-religion will cause +2 in a city, while state religion will cause +4 counter-balancing that effect --> to encourage civs to adopt religions. Also note that the CIVICS file contains less merits for enviromentalism (+3 health not 6, -5% gold & research), all gov types can hurry gold except despotism, and fascism can hurry population. Sorry they're irrelevant but I was too lazy to remove them (coz I use them in my mod) . Also Free religion doesn't give 10% research bonus (I mean, why??), and it takes 3 culture points from each of your cities/turn! Not only that, but Free Religion causes +1 happiness per non-state religion (which causes -2 happiness remember?) So it's a desperate solution for nations with 15 religions/city or something to soften the bad effect of multiple religions in 1 city. Also you cannot build missionaries without monastries anymore.

All monastries give +5% research, except Islamic/Jewish = +10%, Hindu = +0%. This lessens the benefits from switching religions and building their monastries. You must have the religion a state religion in order to build its monastry, except for the hindu one. I personally use a mod to increase religious-switching anarchy to ~10 turns to make it even harder to switch religions. I suggest you do the same

Now the really cool thing about missionaries is this: Hindu monastery becomes obsolete by monothiesm (what, only 1 God exists??). Jewish monestry obselete by theology (omg, the Massaiah has arrived!). That addition solved the problem of us wanting to limit those religions from spreading, yet they can safely arrive to all their founders' cities (as in real life)

Only Islamic/Jewish temples can be built @ state religion. Base temple happiness is 3 (to make up for the lack of temples' effect, since you can only live with 1 effective instead of potentially 7), but these 3 are only provided @ state religion of course.

Can only be built @ state religion (of the given cathedral)

Islamic & Tao: Nothing stops the faithful Moslem (Da3eya) from letting the world know about the word of God, no terrain costs.
Christian: It's very easy to convert people to Christianity in every part of the world. Costs 20 shields only, 3 movements/turn.
Buddhist: There's nothing such as a buddhist missionary! Replaced that with a high spread rate
Rabbi, Confucian, & Hindu missionary: It's really hard to spread religions at these old days eh? 1 movement only. Rabbi costs 50 shields, while Hindu missionary costs only 30 (remember 30 is expensive considering it's an early religion found at small forgless cities, and shall quickly be obselete by monothiesm)

Spread rates (original is 100):
Judaism & Hinduism: 10 (shouldn't spread after their obseletion)
Xianity: 50
Confucism: 100
Islam & Taoism: 140
Buddhism: 200 (no missionary remember?)

Jewish shrine cannot be caught (Nabukhath Nusr!). It provides gold for its owner (foreign Jews helping their state)
Christian shrine brings gold (indulgence money), obselete with Scientific method of course
Islamic shrine brings gold (pilgrimage)
Hindu shrine brings gold (hindus give jewellery to their Mahraja?)
All other shrines don't bring gold.

Culture/Holy city, culture/city, and cities: (original is 4 & 1)
Note that any third value is only effective when that city has the religion AND it's the state religion (exception if the no-state-religion bug which I talked about earlier)
Jewish: 10 & 5 (Jews have a very significant culture)
Hindu: 12 & 3 (but OOPS), -1 research/city!. Also holy city brings 1 more culture from each city hinduism enters (like gold). Very useful for expanding borders early in the game, better than CREATIVE trait!
Confucism: unchanged & unchanged. +1 research/city
Taoism: unchanged & unchanged. +5 research/city. Holy city brings 1 more research as it spreads (like hindu's culture). This was illustrated by my virtual Tao scientists meeting every year to discuss new enlightment ideas - bleh
Islamic, Christian, & Buddhist all unchanged.

----> Note that all these values are base values. That is, as far as I know, are multiplied with markets/banks/libraries etc etc

Ok I'm sure everyone has been like "ok ok what the <snip> has changed with the religions? get on with it " There you go, temples:

Islamic: -1 health from pigs, -1 from wine (if you have these resources, your cities with Islamic temples will be unchanged because it'll be +1 & -1, so better use them for trade!). +1 health from sheep & cow. Also stores 20% of food after growth (Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth), 3 XP points to military units (think suicide bombers), -150% war weariness! Moslems just love to fight heathens!
Jewish: -1 health from pig, crab, clam (I didn't know crab & clam was forbidden in the jewish creed, I copied this from abbamouse's mod ). +1 health from cow, sheep, & fish. -50% food kept after growth (yup, Jews aren't so many), -50% military unit production (nor are their armies morally strong), BUT +50% research, and +3 trade routes/city! If you decide to be Jewish, don't adopt mercentalism! I wanted to give - war weariness for jews too, but I thought that 1/2 of the society will be upset because they depend mainly on trade routes (which are now closed by war)
Christian: +1 happiness from wine. Also the Christian temple provides +6 happiness (@ state religion of course), this shows the Christian tolerance to other creeds (err... pre 9/11)
Buddhist: +4 happiness (instead of base 3, read 3rd paragraph)
Hindu: +3 happiness (normal)
Confucian: +3 happiness in state religion cities, but +1 if built under other state religion (what? we're listening to that heathen's teachings??). Confucius was a man of war, so +3 XP/unit
Tao temple: unchanged

Same problem, too lazy to remove; workboat, great artist, & great merchant are all capturable.

Altered names:
For anti-blasphemous reasons (I'm a Moslem), I ultered the name of "Great Prophet" to "Great Religious Guy", I also exchanged the names of Moses & Abu Bakr with other names. Islamic Missionary is called Da3eya, Jewish Missionary called Rabbi, and Confucian Missionary called Confucian Teacher

I might have forgotten to mention any other minor changes. If you catch any, please let me know. Also I welcome any suggestions / comments / complains / praises

Abbamouse: I based my mod on his, stolen many ideas!
Gr3y, & the guys who explained how to mod time and how to mod religion XMLs (sorry I don't remember their nicks!)
Anyone who've answered a question for me on this forum
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