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Facing Terrorism MOD - World 2015 Scenario for BTS 2016-10-05

Facing Terrorism MOD - World 2015 Scenario for BTS

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody.

    I am glad to upload my new scenario about the actual days. I called this scenario Facing Terrorism - World 2015. The name says all... This is a Mod Mod of World 2013, in which i added the following civilizations:

    The Republic of Donetsk (the rebel Ukraine)
    Ukraine (leaded by Poroshenko)
    Terroris Territory (which is a sort of merger of the biggest terrorist organizations: ISIS, BOKO ARAM, AL QAEDA (Talibans).

    All these new civilizations are playable, but be aware if you choose the Terrorists you will be at war with ALL CIVILIZATIONS of the scenario (none excluded). On the other hand, you will have a huge army of super trained terrorists plus special forces and T55 at your disposal. I added a lot of general to all the cities owned by terrorists so that even the new units you will create will be skilled. However playing as terrorist you defense abilities will be tested as ever before!! On the other hand, playing as Putin, Obama or EU won't be easy to eradicate the terrorist organizations, so don't underestimate them.
    A second important thing is that i removed all the ICBM and Nukes from every civilization, and I removed them from the mod. In this way if you play as terrorists the IA will must destroy you by other means. Using nukes is impossible to play as terrorist, you will be destroyed in a couple of turns (imagine to be bombed by Obama, EU, Russia and China at the same time!!!! In addition to this without nukes is a thing similar to reality, in which the use of nukes is excluded.

    As you can see I have added Ukraine and Rebel Ukraine, which are at war .

    Enjoy :):):):)


    1. isis_leader_C2v.jpg
    2. boko_haram_oTh.jpg
    3. isis_GRq.jpg
    4. talibans_pr1.jpg
    5. ukraine_battlefield_gc1.jpg
    6. rebel_ukraine_leader_Kt1.jpg
    7. ukraine_leader_0nl.jpg