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Fairline’s WWII Units Compilation - 2019 v1.2

WWII unit graphics collection by Fairline

  1. tootall_2012
    This is Fairline’s latest collection of WWII graphics (with some contributions by Tanelorn and Broken Erica). It includes are very large selection of the most famous, and less well know, air, ground and naval combat units of the day of the following nations:
    • Germany
    • Commonwealth
    • United States
    • USSR / France
    • Japan / Italy
    It should prove an invaluable resource and allow designers to recreate almost any campaign of the Second World War.


    I would like to thank Fairline personally for this great collection. When I first reached out to him, to make a compilation, I had no idea the extent of the hard work and dedication he would end up putting in it.
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