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(Fall from Heaven 2) Advanced Ice Nodes 2016-10-05

(Fall from Heaven 2) Advanced Ice Nodes

  1. TC01
    Advanced Ice Nodes v0.8
    For Fall from Heaven 2 0.41n

    Recently, I've gotten back to playing mostly Fall from Heaven 2 (well, assorted modmods of it) again, and I've realized that I'm not really happy with the way Ice Mana Nodes are implemented in any major mod. Some (like FFH 2 itself) block their construction, whereas others (like FF) allow it to be constructed just like all the other elemental ice nodes.

    And then I had an idea for another ice-related component (which will probably end up as another component of the Frozen mod) that would set up a system where Ice Nodes could only be built after one of a series of conditions could be met. Currently, those conditions are two rituals, both of which are only buildable by the Illians due to their requirements. Eventually I'd like to add another possible way which would not be Illian-specific (maybe based off a lair exploration result or event?) but I decided to release the prototype of this now.

    Once one civ (in this case, the Illians) enables Ice Nodes, they are enabled for all players.

    To install, copy your Fall from Heaven 2 mod folder and rename it FFH Advanced Ice Nodes, and then copy the FFH Advanced Ice Nodes folder out of the download into Beyond the Sword/Mods, overwriting the renamed folder.

    For more information, see the forum thread.



    -Fall from Heaven 2 Team (making FFH 2)
    -Fall Further Team (implementing Ice Nodes, and thus giving me the idea)

    -Firaxis/2K Games (makers of Civ 4 and BTS)


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