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(Fall from Heaven 2) Frozen 1.02 Patch 2016-10-05

(Fall from Heaven 2) Frozen 1.02 Patch

  1. TC01
    Frozen Civilization 1.02 Patch for Fall from Heaven 2 0.41n

    This is a patch for the 1.01 full installation of the Frozen civilization. In order to install it, you must already have that mod installed- you can download it here.

    It makes a handful of changes, mostly balance changes, but also includes a bugfix (fixing an issue where both the Illians and the Frozen got Auric Ascended, instead of the Frozen getting Taranis Ascended) and a new feature (Taranis can now be airlifted from city to city using Obsidian Gates).

    To learn more, see the forum thread.

    Patch Credits:

    -Sephi (for the airlift DLL code)
    -BlackArchon (lots of feedback)


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