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Fall from Heaven 2 Installer Project 2016-10-05

Fall from Heaven 2 Installer Project

  1. [NWO]_Valis
    This is a project of installator for Kaels Fall from Heaven 2. [Mods forum on Civfanaticks]

    Idea: The idea behind this project is to give this wonderful mod an installer that will actually make a correct shortcut on the desktop and find a right installation directory for the mod.

    Welcome panel:

    Destination panel:

    The project files are buildable under Installjammer, an free, open source installation builder, an alternative to MSI and NIS installers.

    Spoiler :

    To build this project Installjammer can be downloaded from this site: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=148203&package_id=169359

    The files were made under the 1.2.5 version! There is a newer beta version of the program but it is a beta so I have not tested it with that version.

    Unfortunately version 1.2.5 has a bug with the preview like described in this thread of the support forums:

    What needs to be changed before build:
    Spoiler :

    1. Make sure you have the graphics files in the right folder. IJ searches for the files without a 'real' path firstly in the project directory and then in the IJ install directory. Also the version string field might be of interest for you.

    2. Link up the correct files by deleting the already included in build [cause those are links to my files on my drive and you would want to include your own files in the mod :)]. Make sure you include the ico file defined in the above step!

    I have removed the uninstallator mechanism and registration in add/remove menu [disabled it would be more precise]
    The advanced setup features access to the destination panel. Normally the panel wont show up and it will install it self in the directory composed from registery BTS location and mod name_mod version. The advanced installation also enables a panel just before the end that changes some flags in the game ini file. For example you can enable python popups or run the game in window mode. I chose only some of the ini flags that were more interesting than others.

    Installjammer is writen in Tcl/Tk and can execute any Tcl/Tk scripts. I know, it is not Python but I have not found a python installation kit :p [Tcl/Tk is very simple, IMO it is simpler than python]
    This is only a project to build the installation. I hope Kael uses it in the future releases, althou I have not consulted it with him or anyone in his team. I did it also for fun so not bad feelings if it stays only an 'art for art' project :)

    I frequently read the FFH2 forum so I will be able to maintenance the project for a while if there is an interest.

    Spoiler :
    I am not related anyway to the IJ author. I build installations for a living, not in IJ, but in a very expensive commercial tool. I recommend IJ cause of its simplicity, intuitive interface and ongoing improvement.

    Remember, it is a free software, even for commercial purposes and more and more companies use it in their daily businesses.