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Fall from heaven 2: Options Mod 2016-10-05

Requires Fall from Heaven 2 version 0.40h.

Please report any bugs in the forum thread.

This mod allows you to choose more options ingame than otherwise. Included options are:
  • Barbarians (more than just none/default/raging)
  • Barbarian cities
  • Animals
  • Separating barbarian animals and/or demons/undead into their own civ(s)
  • Permanent alliance max member (up to 34!)
  • Decimal experience (for example 12.29 instead of 12)
  • Scale barbarian heroes. Increases/lowers the strength of the barbarian heroes by difficulty level.
  • Improved AI diplomacy. The AI will make demands/request for help etc to other AIs, not just the human. For all the changes see the forum thread.
  • Modify religion spread by alignment. Making the Order more likely to spread to good civs, less likely to neutral/evil, etc.
  • AI bonus by time. The longer you play the higher the AIs bonuses get.
  • Better seafaring AI. AI will expand and invade better over the seas.
  • Set the minimum amount of resources. Either per player or absolute amount.
The "no barbarians" and "permament alliances" options in the custom game screen no longer does anything. The "raging barbarians" option will alter the barbarian behavior, making them more aggressive.

As the title says this is an OPTIONS mod. Which options you use is entirely up to you.

Install instructions:
Extract the exe file from the rar (the database doesn't allow exe files).
Run the exe. It should find the correct place to install on it's own.

I'll try to make an uninstaller for some future version. For now it's the hard way, which means
  1. Go to c:\documents and settings\{username}\local settings\application data\my games\Beyond the Sword\profiles
    You may need to turn on "show hidden files and folders" if you can't find it. Local settings may be named something else (depending on the language of your OS).
    Delete the file called SnarkoModOptions.config
    Do this for every user which has played the mod.
  2. Delete the directory where the mod is installed.
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