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Fall from Heaven 2: Path to Glory 2016-10-05

Fall From Heaven 2: Path to Glory

It`s the age of rebirth. The first few years have passed by. Midgar has been
founded by the Grigori in the south, the Elven city of Evermore has begun to
grow in the great forest, and way up north the dwarfs are settling the
mountains. But something sinister is brewing, in the forest, the fields and in
the mountains. Barrows have begun to appear and even worse are the skeletons emerging from them. Orcs and goblins have been sighted, the dark elves are supposedly living somewhere in the great forest too.
But the most important threat is the hordes of skeletons. A spy is sent out to locate the source and years later he returns with dire news, a tale about a legendary mountain pass and stories about ancient artefacts. He outlines a path on a map, it´s the path we must take to destroy the evil source of the skeletonspawning barrows or else the evil will eventually destroy us all.
The only question is; is it the path to doom, or the path to glory?

Map size: Huge with 18 civs, 12 major with 4 playable, 6 minor civs.

Playable civs: Grigori, Ljosalfar, Khazad, Elohim.

Download size: 2 mb

This is a scenario which focuses more on exploration and adventuring, less on
tactics and strategy. You will ,however, have to consider how to use your heroes promotions in the best way to be able to survive the adventures.
The scenario was designed for myself, I had the intention to play with the
Grigori so playing with them might be a better experience than with the other
playable civs, I honestly haven´t tried the others.


FIRST AND FOREMOST: Make a backup copy of your original FFH2 mod directory, there are a lot of changes to a lot of files so if you want to play the original again you want the original files.

1: Download the files.

2: Unpack the rar-archive into the directory where you installed civ4.

3: Start FFH2, click play a scenario, choose Path to Glory.

4: Have fun!

Many thanks and special greetings to the makers of Civilization 4 and of course to Kael and all the others who are the creators of this great mod.
I had a lot of fun with this. Thank you!

Screenies and a short description of changes are in the forum thread.
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