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Fall Further 042 Civ: The Scions of Patria 2016-10-05

Fall Further 042 Civ: The Scions of Patria

  1. Tarquelne
    A mod for Fall Further 042, "The Scions of Patria" adds another civilization.

    See the readme for installation details. (In short: Back up your FF XML and python directories, drop in SOP's folders and art.)
    Sorry, English-support only.

    Rallying under the flag of the Risen Emperor - self-styled student of Kylorin, Lord of Erebus and embodiment of humanity's power from the Age of Magic - the Scions are the re-Awakened dead of Patria. They mean to conjurer by sword, spell and word the barbarian peoples of the Age of Rebirth and resurrect the glories of the Age of Magic.

    Thanks to:
    Arctic Circle for bringing up the subject. odalrick for the "Bottomless Tomb" mechanic and idea.
    Sureshot, Pleoperpenge, seZereth, danrell, Chugginator, and AlazkanAssassin for many of the models and skins. (Blame me for any unprofessional looking modifications.)
    The people who gave feedback and provided bugfixes in the beta thread.
    The artists whose original works were heavily cropped and cruelly shrunk to 64x64 to make several dozen icons.
    Firaxis, the FFH2 team and Vehem for the mountain of code this mod is based on.

    You can PM questions/comments to "Tarquelne" at Civfanatics, or join the discussion in the FFH2 modding forum.

    See readme or forum thread for changelog.