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Fall of European Union 2016-10-05

Fall of European Union

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody!!

    I am uploading a new scenario about the Fall of EU. This scenario answers the question: "If the EU would collapse, what would happen?". This map is based on the world 2013 map edited by Jedi Pimp, it just substitutes EU with the following civilizations:


    Here is the story:

    The year is 2018, and the idea to go out from Euro and EU is now spread everywhere. The neofascist national parties of each state (with the exception of Norway and Germany) rose to power in each state and joined together to form a number on european parlament so big that let to pass the vote about the collapse of EU and each state now can follow is path as it wishes. The relationships between the dictatorial states are still not hostile, but with Germany (considered by them the oppressor), England and Norway (the states in which democracy remained) are bad..
    And what about Russia? With corrupted elections annexed the whole Ukraine and Lituania and now that europe is more vulnerable, will it try to invade it?
    I selected as leaders the neofascist leaders of each state (ex. Roberto Fiore is the leader of the italian neofascist party "Forza Nuova", and so on..).

    Have Fun!!!


    1. civ4bts_20140416_005251_Fy6.png
    2. civ4bts_20140416_005225_RD9.png
    3. civ4bts_20140416_005318_0jH.png
    4. civ4bts_20140416_005332_9R0.png
    5. civ4bts_20140416_005408_EZ9.png
    6. civ4bts_20140416_005428_q79.png
    7. civ4bts_20140416_005439_Wd9.png
    8. civ4bts_20140416_005500_lPX.png
    9. civ4bts_20140416_005511_ER3.png
    10. civ4bts_20140416_005525_gQ5.png
    11. civ4bts_20140416_005627_q53.png
    12. civ4bts_20140416_005647_pSy.png
    13. civ4bts_20140416_005702_35N.png