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Fall of Rome 2020-09-25

A simple BTS scenario with Fall of Rome

  1. Louis the XIV
    I forgot to put in improvements and roads, if anyone wants to reupload this resource with roads and improvements as well feel free to do so.
    A simple BTS scenario about Fall of Rome
    -Western Roman Empire #Hard
    -Eastern Roman Empire #Easy
    -Huns #Medium
    -Celts #Medium
    -Franks #Medium
    -Visigoths Medium
    Middle East&North Africa:
    -Vandals #Medium
    -Sassanids #Easy
    -Himyarites #Medium
    -Mauryans #Easy
    -Tamils #Easy
    -Northern Wei #Easy
    -Liu Song #Easy
    -Korea #Medium
    -Japan #Easy
    North and South America:
    -Maya #Hard
    -Teochicauns #Hard
    -Tiwanku's #Hard

    Start year: 476 AD
    Victories enabled: All
    Game speed: Your choice
    Calendar: 2 years at a time
    Religions: All founded
    Era: Early Medieval

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