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Falten Lallery XVII 2016-10-05

Falten Lallery XVII

  1. Asjo
    The prologue

    I tried to make the perfect medieval scenario. I completed this scenario several months ago, having put in many hours daily for some weeks to make it. However, once I reached the end of the road, I had been drained by the process - especially one time the game froze just after I had spent a few hours making some very important changes that were hare to recreate. Also, a few civilizations didn't build the units I wanted them to. I was also disheartened by the fact that some nations for some reason were able to see the cities of other nations - which, I now discovered, is part of the game.

    The idea

    I had a perfect teaser worded out, decribing the whole setup and the details of every nation. That is distant now, though, so I will make it short. This scenario should be the perfect fun for an ever-lasting, conquest only, all-out scenario. No technological trading or advance is possible. I have done my best to create some exciting situations and make each player unique in each their own way.

    The whole point of the scenario was to make sure every civilization made use of their special units. That meant I had to make a quite restricted unit-choice for leaders, also to preserve some realism, but I eventually expanded unit-choices to provide better gameplay. I got carried away and also added pretty much every single cool medieval unit I could find on the Civfanatics forums, everything adding up to a quite extensive mod, where I have drawn out the specificiations for every single unit myself and have created buttons/icons for every added unit (except the few that came with one).


    Game: Civilization IV - Warlords
    Players: 18
    Map size: Titan (one step larger than huge, 192 x 64, I believe)
    Era: Medieval/Renaissance


    Me and my friend had great fun playing a hot seat game as the Shaka and Mansa Musa, who are both in the same territory and compliment each other well.

    Trying to conquer the huge lands of Egypt with Saladin should provide a good fight as well.

    I made Ragnar to be exactly like in the Viking-scenario in Warlords. You have two perfect islands designed for a nation to go raiding with longship fleets of berzerkers.

    • About 20 new units added, icons and animation included
    • Alterations made to standard units to help game setup and balance
    • Special units added to several nations
    • Game speed decreased greatly
    • To maintain exciting wars, leaders are more likely to declare war, less likely to make dogpile-wars (mass war against weak nation), less likely to declare peace
    • All technologies disabled, meaning no technological advance
    • Changes made to help player economy due to lack of infrastructure buildings
    • Inflation removed

    Notice! You must copy the mod folder to the following location and load it on the game in order to play the scenario: (Civilization IV folder)\warlords\mods