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Fantasy Advisor Pack 2016-10-05

Fantasy Advisor Pack

  1. Grandraem
    Here's a pack of fantasy advisors that I created for my upcoming Mystara mod.

    It includes:
    -A full set of advisors, all dressed in 4 different eras.
    -An alternate 4-era Orc military advisor.
    -An alternate '5'-era human military advisor.

    How to add them:
    -Back up your current advisor files if you need to.
    -Extract the files out of the 'fantasyadvisors.zip' folder.
    -Place the files in the 'Smallheads' folder located within your mod's 'Art' folder.
    -For using the alternate human and orc military advisors you will need to copy and paste the 'advisor_tab.pcx' files for those individual advisors into the main 'advisor_tab.pcx' file. If you do this you will probably need to alter the palette of that file slightly to prevent pixelization.

    More complete preview pics can be found in the main thread:


    1. previewadvsmall_7OD.jpg