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Fantasy Pack 1: Landmarks 2016-10-05

Fantasy Pack 1: Landmarks

  1. Walter Hawkwood
    All the buildings are quite detailed and many use nice effects with embedded animations. Nevertheless, they are yet again surprisingly lightweight when it comes to polycount (with some exceptions I will certainly note). As a rule of a thumb, they are no more stressful for the game to put in than most buildings created by CFC community. The names for the buildings are just kept from original game, and don't imply they should be used exclusively for the stated purpose - especially since the purpose itself can be quite vague. Now, to business:


    1) "Encampment". A kind of barbarian/nomadic castle, I guess. Non-animated.

    2) "Kraal". This spells something trollish or orcish to me. Slightly animated - the banners will flow.

    3) "Mage Tower". Well, it is a tower and it's magical all right. Equipped with slightly pulsating purple glow.

    4) "Mana Node". Looks like Tower of Babel gone bad to me. An impressive building; non-animated, but with a nice "energy pillar" effect.


    5) "Shadow Mana Focus". Nice glowey purple crystal pillar.

    6) "Temple of Air". Looks like a perfectly legit Air Mana Node to me. Has an elaborate animation with lots of swirly stuff and lightnings. Looks great in motion.

    7) "Temple of Fire". Ditto. Very nice effects too.

    8) "Temple of Ice". In four-way elemental mana terms, it should be Water Node, I guess. Animated as well, with a rotating crystal and mist around it.


    9) "Temple of Earth". You should get the drift by now. Note that this one is somewhat high-poly related to all other buildings (but still lighter than, for example, half my EE2 buildings).

    10) "Watchtower". An impressive piece of masonry with a slight mesoamerican (?) feel. Non-animated.

    11) "Wildwood". A grand tree with some purple glowy rocks in front of it. Something like Yggdrasil, I guess. The glow pulsates visibly.

    Other packs will feature faction-specific buildings (and there are some pretty wild ones there!). Hope all you fantasy mod-makers out there will find this pack useful. Especially, I'd be delighted to see these buildings added to FfH2, my favorite fantasy mod for Civ4. ;)


    1. preview1_hg4.jpg
    2. preview2_0xY.jpg
    3. preview3_Ew7.jpg