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Fantasy Pack 2: Lairs & Ruins 2016-10-05

Fantasy Pack 2: Lairs & Ruins

  1. Walter Hawkwood
    Time for our second pack, this time it's various ruins, camps and lairs. The models vary in elegance and quality, but overall this pack will likely be widely useful.


    1) "Bandit Redoubt". Well, it doesn't look like a redoubt to me, and there's nothing particulary bandit about it either. It's a camp in some ruins. I'd personally use it as a kind of archeological site, maybe. Non-animated.

    2) "Barbarian Camp". Yep, this is spot-on, looks like an archetypical barbarian camp to me. Non-animated (might be because I accidentally removed the fire from the fireplace in the middle).

    3) "Dark Rift". Well, not exactly a building, but a cool-looking rift with some rocky stuff constantly swirling around it. The "rift" itself always faces the camera. Fun!


    4) "Dragon Lair". And in a volcano to boot! Lava flow animated, and volcano comes with fire and smoke rising from it (not visible in preview).

    5) "Haunted Ruin". A relatively uninteresting model, with no animations (they could at least supply it with some mist; they have a brilliant undead building set).

    6 and 7) "Rhaksha Nest" and "Rhaksha Hive" - two hivelike things with glowy stuff and greenish smoke (not visible in preview).


    8) "Scorpion Nest". Could as well be anyone's nest - there is nothing particulary scorpion-ish about it. Slightly animated (the thing hanging on the right moves "in the wind").

    9) "Snow Wolf Den". A pretty generic snowy cave. The bushes look somewhat lame to me (as is the case of most vegetation in the game, although I've improved it slightly by applying correct alpha settings), and can easily be removed.

    10) "Spider Lair". Now this is one hell of a beauty to me. It has beautiful cobwebs, and a very unsettling animation.

    11) "Storm Drake Crag". This one is extremely nice too. With swirly stormclouds and randomly discharging lightnings all over the place.


    1. preview1_BvH.jpg
    2. preview2_NBN.jpg
    3. preview3_oi5.jpg