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Fantasy pack 6: Dwarves 2016-10-05

Fantasy pack 6: Dwarves

  1. Walter Hawkwood
    Dwarven architecture in Kohan 2 has, at least to me, also a distinct mesoamerican flair, with brickwork, pyramidal slopes and ornaments - but it also is quite distinctively fantasy dwarven, in a moderately steampunkish way. There are no special effects aside from fire and smoke, and animations are mostly rotating mechanical parts. Many models also have black twirling banners - that you can either easily delete in the nif file if you don't need them, or almost as easily recolor if you know your way around dds files at least a bit.

    As usual, a detailed tour:

    1) Barracks. Non-animated, no effects.

    2) Blacksmith and Foundry. Emit flames, foundry also has animated bellows.

    3) Market and Bazaar. Non-animated, no effects.

    4) Factory. For some reason, also uses market textures. Emits smoke, has rotating animated parts.

    5) City Centers. Most have fires on them. They also have their "black banners" incorporated into their textures, unlike other models.

    6) Library and Mage College. Have fires; library has a banner.

    7) Shrine and Temple. Shrine has a nice magenta glowy crystal. Temple has fires. Both have banners.

    8) Stone Resource. Mining post and export have nice "mining" animations. All have banners.

    9) Wood Resource. Sawmill has twirly techy animated stuff. All have banners.


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