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Fantasy Pack 7: Resources 2016-10-05

Fantasy Pack 7: Resources

  1. Walter Hawkwood
    This pack contains various resources found in Kohan 2. Also included are "AncientFount" structures associated with each resource - they are, in fact, obelisks made of a particular resource-material; each of them has an energy sparkle run to the top of it as its animated effect. They are pretty much the same otherwise.

    The resources themselves are:

    1) Gold. Effect: sparkles.

    2) Iron. Effect: gloss.

    3) Mana. Effect: energy sparkle.

    4) Stone. Effect: none.

    5) Wood. Effect: animated swaying + two birds flying in circles above it + sparkles in the air.


    1. preview_H7E.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0127_7f5.jpg