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Fantasy Pack 9: Shadow 2016-10-05

Fantasy Pack 9: Shadow

  1. Walter Hawkwood
    This is second last of Kohan II faction packs. It contains some of the best stuff there is in terms of animations and effects, but due to its exotic nature, I fear its usefulness is quite limited. Nevertheless, here it is.

    1) Barracks. More accurately, a portal. Animated swirly portal with lightning flashes. Don't make it float above ground, since lightnings are "stored" below the model when not used in the animation. :D

    2) City Centers. The highest-tier city center comes with two animated levitating stones.

    3) Blacksmith & Co. All smith buildings come with animated vortex and floating metal. Also, the forge has smoke and fire.

    4) Market. Green glowy mist animated swirling above the gold.

    5) Mana Focus. Essentially the same as already released in the first pack.

    6) Mana Siphon. A very nice animation of flowing energy and floating particles.

    7) Library and Mage College. Non-animated, but have a vertical green beam of light effect.

    8) Temples. Blood/lava splashes and boils at the top.

    9) Stone Resource. Non animated, but the two advanced ones supplied with green and purple glows respectively.

    10) Wood Resource. An exquisite animation of spirits descending upon a tree and then floating towards the central pool (hard to convey in a static shot).


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