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Fantasy Resources 2016-10-05

Here's a file containing every resource I ever made, with Icons. UPDATE: added a bunch of resources from Civ II Test of time. I also updated the pedia Icon pics of all the resources I made before, in order to make them look more like standard Civ III resource pedia icons. I also included an alteranate bonus reource version of the farm icons.

Preview pic shows the following:

First Row: Humans (my farm village with altered pedia icons), Goblins/Orcs, Undead, Elves/Elvaan (if you play FF ), Dwarves, and Hobbits/Halflings.

Second Row: Giant Spiders, Infernals (demons), Celestials (angels), Lizardmen, Dinosaurs, and Chocobos.

Third Row: Relics/artifacts, Mythril/mithril, Materia/magicite, Herbs, Hot Springs/Geothermal vents, and Cocoa

Fourth Row: Kelp, Adnausium Ore, Yellow Willies, Gracklings, Algae Mats, and Pachyloumis

Fifth Row: Closbeast, Spark Bags, Quench Fruit, Pyramid Nexus, Naumachian Dust Bunnies, and Frozen Relics

Sixth Row: Huisca, Ice Worms, Interzona, Picus, Thalarctos, and Artifacts

Seventh Row: Razor Beasts and Vertida
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