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Female Artists 2016-10-05

The next addition to my Great People Female Versions project. These units can be used to replace the normal (male) great artists. The ancient unit is a painter that, well, doesn't look very ancient. I guess the baret makes her look too modern, but it just fits so nicely I couldn't bring myself to take it away from her again. :( Maybe I'll experiment a bit with her in the future. :mischief: Anyhow, her polycount is 761 triangles. The painting she paints when activated is called 'Lucia, Minerva and Europa Anguissola Playing Chess' and was made 1555 by Sofonisba Anguissola, so credits to her for it. ;)
The modern artist unit is supposed to be a movie actress from the first half of the last century. I got the inspiration for her from the Bioshock 2 artbook. Of course the original looks much better. She has a polycount of 818.
Both units come with buttons and all animation files that are necessary.

Go to for the newest version of these units.
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