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Female Modern Soldiers ModComp 2016-10-05

Female Modern Soldiers ModComp

  1. SaibotLieh
    Female Modern Soldiers ModComp

    This modcomp adds the chance that each time a SAM-Infantry, Marine or Paratrooper is build, some or maybe all the soldiers will be female. The value of the chance depends on the civic Emancipation. If the civilisation has emancipation, the chance is 50% per soldier. Otherwise, the chance is 15%. The unit is always led by the gender that has more soldiers.
    Note that the images don't show the units how they'll appear in the game. The real units still consists of 3 soldiers. The images show only 2 soldiers each in order to make it easier to compare the female and the male model.
    Because the female soldiers have the same attributes as the original male ones this modcomp doesn't alter the gameplay in any way, it's just pure eye candy. In order to keep the civilopedia clean, the new units won't appear in it. However, you can see that this modcomp works by checking the SAM-Infantry, Marines or Paratroopers. If there is are three new entries 'Replaced by (itself)' the modcomp works.

    Now for the more technical details:

    This modcomp is mostly modular. However, there are some files that can't be made modular. These files are one python file (CvEventManager) and two xml files (Audio3DScripts and AudioDefines). The changes in the python file can be found by searching for 'saibotlieh', the changes in the xml files can be found near the buttom of the files (lines 22861-22976 and lines 10979-11006). Further there is a sound folder with custom sounds that must be placed direct into the base mod Assets folder. All files in the zip-file are already put into the necessary folder, unzipping it directly in the Mods folder of BtS should result into a working mod.

    The python functions is written in a way that all units that have similiar named mixed unit counterparts are targets. For example, the existence of the Unit_Mixed_Marines makes the Unit_Marines a target. So, if it is desired to add female soldiers for other units to this modcomp, this is possible by just naming the new units accordingly. For example, if female soldiers should be added to the Infantry units, three new units have to be created. The first one has to be named UNIT_MIXED_INFANTRY and consists of 2 male and 1 female soldier. The next unit has to be named UNIT_MIXED_INFANTRY12 and consists of 1 male and 2 female soldier. The final unit has to be named UNIT_MIXED_INFANTRY03 and consists of 3 female soldier. Compare one of the already present units in the XML files for details.
    The units are made in a way that they still use the original units skins for the uniforms. Thus, they can be used with reskinned units with no problems. Just exchange the original units .dds file with the modified one.
    This modcomp is written in and tested for BtS 3.19.

    If you are using my Native Amazon modcomp or my Female Great People modcomp with this modcomp:

    - Most of the sound files are the same, they can be overriden if asked for.

    Forum link: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=9199816


    - The_J for his 'Invisible dummy techs' mod that I've modified to fit to my needs (outdated, but still thankful ;)).
    - God-Emperor for the idea to use the Civilopedia entry for turning the units invisible (outdated, but still thankful ;)).
    - embryodead and Dancing Hoskuld for the <bGraphicalOnly> addition to the unit schema.
    - Ploeperpengel's 'female sound animations' was my starting point for my animation sounds.
    - The_Coyote for teaching me how to shader units & leaderheads
    - All the writers of the tutorial section and helpful people in the forums. Without those, I'd never have learnt how to mod in the first place.


    1. mixed_marines_2yU.jpg
    2. mixed_paratroopers_21c.jpg
    3. mixed_sam_infantry_vG2.jpg