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Female Pirates 2016-10-05

Female Pirates

  1. SaibotLieh
    This download contains two models of female pirates, labeled intern as Pirate_Captain and Pirate_Sailor. They are obviously not intended to be historically correct. Both units use custom animations.

    The polycount of the Captain is about 1050 triangles and she uses an animations set created from the Swordsman and the SAM Infantry animation sets with some modifications. She sports melee attacks as well as a range attack.

    The polycount of the Sailor is about 950 triangles and she uses a modified Grenadier animation set without the range attack. Her appearance is heavily influenced by this image.

    The download contains further a simple modular modcomp that adds a unit called "Buccaneer" to the game. This unit consists of both models and should thus allow a quick in-game look at the models art.

    Forum link: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=10596368


    - The_Coyote for teaching me how to shader units & leaderheads


    1. buccaneers_01_8l9.jpg
    2. buccaneers_02_02m.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. PPQ_Purple
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Great idea, high quality texture AND custom animations. What's not to like? If anyone is looking for a pistol unit this is the download to get.