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Female Samurai 2016-10-05

Well, after much delay, I've finished the Female Samurai unit that Blumofia won in the unit lottery... Who knows, she may end up in the FF mod somewhere....

Even though this is largely a theoretical unit, there were some famous swordmistresses in Japanese history/legend, including Tomoye and Yagyu Akane (who was only surpassed in swordcraft by her even more famous brother, Yagyu Jubei), so she could also work potentially in historical scens as well....

Preview of the animations (default is a still frame, so it doesn't really figure in here): Fidget, Run, Fortify, Attack A, Attack B, Attack C and Victory.
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In my opinion, one of the best humanoid units ever made for civ 3! The sword animation are just amazing!! :goodjob: Great job Hikaro! This one is a Master Piece!
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