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Female Spies 2016-10-05

Female Spies

  1. SaibotLieh
    The next addition to my Great People Female Versions project. These units can be used to replace the normal (male) great spies. The polycount of the ancient unit is 966 triangles (one fourth of these are used up by all the weapons she is carrying :) ).
    The modern spy has a polycount of 709 and only a few are spend on jewelry ;).
    This time buttons for the units are also included.

    Edit: If you don't like the mask the ancient spy is wearing, you can make it invisible by replacing the Great_Spy_Ancient_DIFF.dds with the Great_Spy_Ancient_DIFF_NoMask.dds file.


    1. female_spies01_LDI.jpg
    2. female_spies02_938.jpg
    3. ancientspymaskoff_wUi.jpg