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Female Units 2016-10-05

This is a collection of slightly modified units to make them appear female. This collection closes the gap between the units from my Native Amazons modcomp and the ones from my Female Modern Soldiers modcomp. Together with these modcomps, a full set of regular female units made by me is now available (For the special units, look at my Female Great People modcomp and my Female Missionaries modcomp).

The units are made in the same way the Female Modern Soldiers were made, which means that I only modified the original models and used the original .dds files for the clothes. Therefore, any reskin of the original units should work as well with these modified units. The only parts that are replaced are the head, the hands and sometimes the legs. The artwork of these parts will have to be altered separately. The artwork can be found in the file in the respective directory.

The download consists of a modcomp. However, the only thing this modcomp does is replace all the available unit graphics with the original ones. This way, a quick look at the models is possible and most of the necessary information for the CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml file are already available in the FemaleUnits_CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml file.

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- Ploeperpengels 'female sound animations' that were my starting point for my animation sounds
- The_Coyote for teaching me how to shader units & leaderheads
- The makers of the FfH units from which I borrowed some of my unit heads
- Bakuel, I used the head of his Kahina model for one of my units
- MetaDaemon, I used the head of his Female Ultra Low Poly Model for some of my units
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