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FF Summon Ramuh 2016-10-05

Well, I know I said that the next unit I would finish would be the Gatling gun, but Sword of Geddon mentioned something about this in the djinn thread, and since it seemed easy enough, I decided to go ahead with it.

What I did was C&P the Ancient era MGL fidget animation into CamJH's Wise One Lightning attack animation, and it turned out pretty darn good. It even looks almost exactly like the Ramuh summon attack animation in FF VII.

The only slight snag I ran into when doing this was that I had to export and re-center all the other animations for the ancient MGL due to re-sizing/re-centering the attack animation to fit with the Wise One attack animation.

I've included all the modified animations, .INI file and the Lighthing SFX from Kinboat's Lighting Spell unit for the attack animation. All other sounds are linked to the Leader Ancient Era folder, and you can just use the Leader Pedia Icons and units_32 icon as well.

Kinda funny now that I realized that this is the first Human type unit I've ever done (aside from tweaking/fixing Steph's AC/Cossacks units)
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