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FF6 World of Ruin map 64x64 BTS 2016-10-05

Map of the World of Ruin from Final Fantasy 6 by Square Enix. It's 64x64 tiles, has randomized resources and requires Beyond the Sword. Up to 12 civs can be present before they start getting placed in bad locations, and about 11 civs before starting locations get crowded.
Due to the type of terrain on this map and the way the game places resources, aluminum may be a little limited. So Aluminum inc. could become more useful that it normally would be.
Hope you like tundra. If you want purple oceans, you'll have to figure that out yourself.
Update: Added some oasis' and rivers so there is a little more food available in some places although it's still a harsh world. Also it should work with Fall from Heaven although it sometimes crashes but creates an initial save.

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The screen shot is old. The map has a few short rivers and many more oasis' around so irrigation isn't so rare.
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