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FFH 2.022 Balanced 2016-10-05

This is a small Modification of the great FFH II mod, version .022, Patch H.
The purpose is to make bonus food resources important again, especially ocean based resources; to allow chopping of forest with crafting and chopping of jungle with bronzeworking; to balance agri civic/sacrifice the weak civics while making other civics more interesting/varied; To make other improvements besides farms and cottages more meaningful and available sooner.

To Install:
-In Civ IV/ Mods directory create a folder spelled exactly: FFH 2.022 Balanced
-Copy all the folders/files from mods/Fall From Heaven 2.022 and paste them into your new folder
-Then download and unzip my 'patch' into 'CIV IV/ MODS' Folder (NOT THE 'Civ IV/ Mods/FFH 2.022 Balanced' folder...) It will ask to replace files, click 'Yes to All'
- Then select FFH 2.022 Balanced from the mods listed in the Advanced menu.

Here are the changes I made to the mod:
Spoiler :
Agri Civic: +1 Food, -1 Prod. Requires Crafting and Agriculture.

Chopping Forest: Now requires Crafting.

Chopping Jungle: Now requires Bronzeworking.

Bonus Resources: +1 food added to most food resources after improvements, and +2 added to fish/clam/crab/whales. Minor improvements to most bonuses, like ivory, deer, fur... To make resources more important again.

Elven Cottages: Take 2-4 times longer for a worker to build when on Forests.

Conquest Civic: Workshops +1 Prod, Lumbermills +1 Prod, Windmills +1 food, watermills +1 food, +2 Experience military units, -25% weariness. No longer allows military production with food.

Mercantile Civic: +1 free specialist, -1 trade routes

Free Market Civic: +2 Trade Routes, No gold or culture penalties

Sacrifice the Weak: No Science or Culture Bonus; -1 food per farm. All this essentially means is now the extra food bonus will come from all improvements/specialists other than farms (You sacrificed your poor farmers, remember?).

Republic Civic: No longer gives penalty for civs without it. +35% Great Person birth rate.

Liberty Civic: 50% culture bonus, +1 coin per specialist, significant penalty for civs without it. No longer gives free specialist or unlimited bard.

Caste System: +1 sci/ +1 culture per specialist. No longer causes unhappiness in largest cities.

Heroic Epic: +35% Military Unit production, +3 Experience Land Units

Lumbermills: Now require Smelting. Additional +1 Prod, +1 Commerce bonus with machinery now, in addition to the +1 Prod from Commune with nature.

Windmills: Now requires Smelting: +1 Food, +1 Commerce; +1 Prod with Iron Working. Additional +1 Prod with Engineering, in addition to the commerce bonus from machinery.

Watermills: Now require Smelting: +1 Prod; +1 Prod with Iron working. Additional +1 Prod with engineering, in addition to the commerce bonus from machinery.

AI preferences (flavors) altered just a touch so they will be a bit more likely to research the techs that allow chopping of jungles for growth.

Kudos to Kael and his great team.

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