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FFH2: Amurite tech unts replaced 2016-10-05

FFH2: Amurite tech unts replaced

  1. Tarquelne
    A modular FFH2 0.31 mod.

    V 0.5 - A little playtesting and everything seems to work, but I'm hoping to make significant improvements.
    Bhall's Fist button fixed.

    Installation: The Fall from Heaven /version #/ .ini file needs to have ModularLoading = 0 changed to ModularLoading = 1.
    Place the "battlemage" directory in your FFH2 folder in Assets/Modules. If you have no other modular-mods you'll have to make the "Modules" folder.
    This mod is unlikely to be broken by any patch that doesn't alter a relevent scheme file, and should be compatible with any mods that don't also alter the CivilizationInfos file.

    Fall Further: For FF overwrite the file "BM_CivilizationInfos.xml" with the file in the "For Fall Further" zip.

    The mod adds three Amurite UUs:

    Siege Mages: Replace the Catapult. Require Elementalism and Cave of Ancestors. Their main attack is a custom fireball spell that can greatly reduce city defenses.
    Battle Mage: Replaces the Arquebusers. 25% stronger, but 40% more expensive.
    War Wizard: Replaces the Cannon: An upgraded Battle Mage. No bombard function or withdraw, but it does do collateral damage and explodes if destroyed.

    Credits: The FFH team, C.Roland

    Feedback greatly appreciated.

    Things I'm not happy with:
    The names "Battle Mage" and "War Wizard." I'd like something less generic. Preferably names with some FFH2 lore behind them.
    The graphics for Battle Mages and War Wizard. C. Roland's C3 cyborg graphics are well done and fit with the "magical blasting powder" idea. But I'd rather get away from the blasting powder tech completely and connect the UUs to arcane-techs. The problem is I haven't been able to locate appropriate ready-made graphics for a melee-mage. Well, other than the Amurite Swordsman and Champion... in use, though.
    The buttons are all currently the same recolored "Mage" button. I'll include custom buttons eventually, but I'm hoping someone can point me to better BM/WW unit graphics first.

    Discussion thread here.