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FfH2 - AR 300 Nations Reborn 2016-10-05

The great nations of the world have been restored.

Nations Reborn uses a large map (120x60) and is designed for the excellent fantasy modpack, Fall from Heaven 2 (version 0.15). You can get more information about the mod in this thread, and download the modpack and patches from there as well.

Nations Reborn begins 300 years into the Age of Rebirth. The last of the ice has receded back to the arctics, and temperatures near the equator have continued to fluctuate. The early tribes that emerged over a century ago have rebuilt their empires. Pacts and Rivalries have been formed, leading to conflict between more than just the civilized races and the savages.

The Ljosalfar continue their machinations. The war with the dark elves led by those following Amelanchier still rages on, and a new enmity has been born. Varn Gosam has led a rebellion of Calabim against their blood-loving rulers. The tribe fled east into the desert, finding a hidden oasis to attempt to build their own civilization.

Far away on the western continent, Keelyn, daughter of the mad "ringleader," Perpentach, has laid claim to a small bit of the Balseraph lands, yet remains as closely allied with her father the insane pair can possibly be. Tensions mount between the mad carnivales and the orderly folk of the Bannor and Amurite.

The same civilizations from A World Awakens are still available for play in Nations Reborn. Also, Varn Gosam and Keelyn have been added as newly created civilizations. These civs are still relatively under-developed, and will be more of a challenge to play.

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