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FfH2: Interface Upgrade 2016-10-05

FfH2: Interface Upgrade

  1. Grey Fox

    Fall from Heaven 2: Interface Upgrade

    Includes the following modules:
    - Better Popups
    - Better Pedia
    Version 1.0L - Started 04/17/2008
    Requires Fall from Heaven 2 0.32l
    Updated to 0.32l 08/05/2008

    What is Interface Upgrade?
    This mod's mission is to enhance the interface of FfH2 at as many levels possible. To enhance information gathering and make it easier for new players and veterans alike to play this vast mod.

    It includes updates to several of the Civilopedia pages. Mostly its about sorting the information and presenting it in a more easily read format.

    The Better Popup part only improves one popup so far, the Production Popup. Sorting by type with header categories.
    How to Install
    Just copy the Assets folder inside the Interface Upgrade folder from the zipfile into the Fall From Heaven 032 folder. You should probably copy the folder beforehand to either make a backup or rename it to FfH2 Interface Upgrade and copy to that mod instead. Overwrite when it asks.​