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Field Medic Promotion (XML+Python) 2016-10-05

Field Medic Promotion (XML+Python)

  1. tsentom1
    I've been busy and haven't released anything in a while so these are just a few things I threw together either based on old requests or code that's floating around inside Thomas' War.

    Anyway, these promotions are basically UU abilities from my next version of Thomas' War. I figured I'd put them up as promotions here so anyone who wants can use the code (mainly because throwing together a promotion modcomp takes all of 2 minutes if the code is already written).

    Basically, similar to my Temple of Ah Cacao Wonder or the Aztec racial bonus in Civ Rev.

    You can edit the percentage chance by changing this line:

    self.iHealChance = self.getRandomNumber( 9 )

    Note, 9 is a 1 in 10 chance as the game counts 0 when finding a random number.

    This really isn't meant to be used stand-alone but for modders who want to include new promotions outside the traditional XML bonuses.

    All the python is labeled and searching for 'Field Medic' should find the changes. Keep in mind the changes may be in multiple sections so please do search the entire file.

    I recommend downloading and using Winmerge to combine python.



    1. field_medic_promotion_3LQ.jpg