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Final Fantasy 6 - Air Armor 2016-10-05

Final Fantasy 6 - Air Armor

  1. Dual
    This is my take on one of the enemies from the RPG Final Fantasy 6. I took some artistic license with it since the origional was a small 2D game sprite. ;)

    Air Armor were part of the Empire's air force in that game, and they were powered by a combination of steam technology and magic power.

    The model has 1330 triangles, and I have included 2 different skins. The unit has some basic animations and has a steam effect around the smoke stacks. It also uses Alazkan Assassin's flamethrower effect as one of the attacks.

    Since it uses a couple of custom effects, and a custom sound, I also included an example mod to show how to set up the XML files to use those effects.

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    1. air_armor1_3GO.jpg
    2. air_armor2_274.jpg