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Final Frontier Plus v1.83 2016-10-05

Final Frontier Plus v1.83

  1. TC01
    Final Frontier Plus v1.83

    This is a mod for Jon Shafer's Final Frontier mod that came with Beyond the Sword. It's goal is not just to add new content to Final Frontier, but rather to make Final Frontier as is play better. It makes the game faster, and significantly reduces the lag that builds up as a game goes on. It makes the AI better and also implements many bugfixes from the Final Frontier: Problems and Issues thread. It does add a lot of new content from God-Emperor's Finaler Frontier mod, such as unique units, unique buildings, new techs, new promotions, wonders (both national and world), etc.

    Finally, it includes many third-party mods (produced by other people) for Final Frontier and vanilla Civ. The latest release, version 1.7, contains the BUG interface mod overlaid onto the Final Frontier interface, as well as other BTS modcomps of potential interest.

    To install, all you need to do is run the included executable. Note that you do still need Final Frontier installed (you can't have deleted that mod folder from Beyond the Sword\Mods). The installer should now work regardless of whether you have Beyond the Sword through Steam, or the Complete Edition, or a 64-bit system.

    For much more information, including a full list of included mods and a detailed changelog that goes back to the first release, see the forum thread. If you have comments, criticism, complaints, or issues with this mod, please post them there or in the linked development forum.

    There is no way for me to know if you post a comment here. Most people don't post comments here, therefore I almost never check this page for comments. If you post something here, I cannot guarantee it will ever be noticed, or replied to. Please use the forums instead!


    Mod Team:

    Contributors (Code or Art):
    -deanej (bugfixes, ideas, help, mapscripts, wormhole graphics)
    -Kiwikaz (feature effects code)
    -cephalo (SpiralGalaxy mapscript)
    -T-hawk (production overflow fix)
    -stmartin and HoTK team (CAR mod)
    -Sephi (various speed improvements)
    -Valkrionn (Inno install script)
    -The Navy Seal (Final Frontier resource art)
    -ColdFever (blue marble graphics)
    -Pep (Unit orders modcomp)
    -BUG/BAT/BULL team (BUG 4.4)
    -killmeplease (Defender Withdrawl modcomp)
    -UncutDragon (Lead from Behind modcomp)
    -TheLopez (Multiple Favorite Civics modcomp, Attack/Defense combat bonus mod)
    -denev (Multiple Production modcomp

    Help and Suggestions:
    -davidlallen, Afforess, phungus420 (DLL help)
    -The_J (python and graphics help)
    -Emperor Fool (python help, SDK help)
    -PieceOfMind (feedback)
    -PsiCorps (suggestions, bug reports)
    -dawe1311, wpulsar (bug reports)
    -apenpaap (suggestions)
    -JEELEN (suggestions)
    -renegadechicken (suggestions)

    -Jon Shafer for creating Final Frontier.
    -Firaxis/2K Games for making Civilization 4


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