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Final Frontier Plus v1.84 Patch 2016-10-05

Final Frontier Plus v1.84 Patch

  1. TC01
    Final Frontier Plus v1.84 Patch

    This is a patch for Final Frontier Plus, a mod for Jon Shafer's Final Frontier mod that came with Beyond the Sword.

    For much more information, including a full list of included mods and a detailed changelog that goes back to the first release, see the forum thread. If you have comments, criticism, complaints, or issues with this mod, please post them there or in the linked development forum.

    There is no way for me to know if you post a comment here. Most people don't post comments here, therefore I almost never check this page for comments. If you post something here, I cannot guarantee it will ever be noticed, or replied to. Please use the forums instead!

    To install the patch, install Final Frontier Plus v1.83 from one of the myriad mirrors and then install this patch. It is shipped here in executable format; you should just need to double-click the exe and run it. If you have a problem with the installer, a manual download is available from our ModDB page.

    Patch Changelog:
    -Merged patch from DarkLunaPhantom to allow BUG to work in PitBoss mode.
    -Added some new unique diplomacy text to all leaders, based on suggestions from the forums (http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=517635)
    -Improved the efficiency of rushing via Slave State from 30 hammers to 50.
    -Modified the AI to now forces a population reassignment every fifteen turns.
    -The target minimum food surplus for the AI has been changed to vary over the course of the game, as cities grow larger.
    -All AI leaders are now slightly more likely to build ships and plan war.
    -Fixed rare potential CTD that could happen if a unit withdrew off the map.
    -Fixed Wormholes bug that would stop Wormholes from working if their x *or* y coordinate happened to be the same.
    -Fixed potential minor Python bug involving adding a planet to a solar syste.m
    -Fixed PlotListEnhancements (BUG) crash when a starbase is built while the construction ship building it is selected.
    -Defined the TXT_KEYs for the (useless/hidden/ignored) Alien civilization to clean up the pedia.
    -Flavor change: adjusted land area computation to use lightyears as a unit.
    -Flavor change: slightly adjusted average lifespan in demographics upwards.


    Please see the main credits list for full mod credits. If you aren't on this list but you believe you should be, let us know!