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Final Frontier Plus v1.9 Beta 2016-10-05

Final Frontier Plus v1.9 Beta

  1. TC01
    Final Frontier Plus - v1.9 Beta 1

    This is a beta version of the upcoming v1.9 release of Final Frontier Plus! Thank you for trying it out!

    To install, you must have installed Final Frontier Plus v1.84 already, then simply unzip and copy the "Final Frontier Plus" folder into your Beyond the Sword/Mods directory, wherever that may be.

    Any feedback you have about the new espionage mechanics and the new colony added in this mod is more than welcomed; that was the point of releasing this chunk of 1.9 as a beta.

    Please drop by our forums, this is the simplest way to give us feedback. Please do not leave comments on this file itself, I won't see them.